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The orangery has been an elegant and beautiful addition to the home since the 17th century. In those days it was considered the ultimate status symbol and a sign of wealth, success and prosperity. Today, while an orangery is still a symbol of discerning taste and understated opulence the function of the orangery is somewhat different. If you are considering adding an orangery to your property you’ve likely already researched the value it can add to your home, you may have only just begun to consider how you might spend your time in it. The good news is that you can do a whole lot more in an orangery than grow oranges! In fact, it probably comes as no surprise to learn that very few contemporary oranges are used for the growing of any kind of fruit. 
What they can do, however, is unlock a new avenue of luxury for your home. 
We’ve installed orangeries all over Clacton and beyond over the years and have seen some interesting and inventive uses for this stylish living space.If you’re wondering what you could put in your orangery or what you could use it for, here are a few suggestions… 


We all know that proximity to nature is a proven mood booster. Access to plants, shrubbery and trees helps us to feel at peace and centred in these increasingly hectic and stressful modern times. But the famously dour British weather is not always permissive of spending quality time with your garden all year round. Thus, filling your orangery (or a part of it) with gorgeous plants can give you the best of both worlds. Not only can you grow plants in your orangery, why not grow some vegetables also? There are a variety of vegetables that you can grow from home, including lettuces, tomatoes and onions. 


We all enjoy a dinner placed squarely on our lap while we eat in front of the TV every now and then. But let’s not forget that the dinner table is the heart of conversation and togetherness on the home. However, there are some occasions when you want to make an extra special impression on your dinner guests. The stunning view from your orangery can provide the perfect ambience for family dining or for that extra special dinner party. 


By the same token, an orangery can be used for dining but in a much more low-key and homely way as an extension of your existing kitchen. The open atmosphere, ample light and fantastic view of your garden make it a great place to prepare or enjoy food while you sip a glass of wine and listen to the radio. 


The digital age has empowered many to carry out their work duties from home. If you’ve joined the ranks of the telecommuters, your orangery could make a much better office than a cramped spare room that’s packed full of boxes of your teenage kids’ junk. An orangery is full of natural light and beautiful views of your garden which are highly conducive to productivity while also providing a relaxing and calming working environment. 
Your orangery can be whatever you want it to be! We have also created an article about Weird uses of an Orangery. Have we inspired you to invest in an Orangery? Contact us and a specialist will be in touch. 
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