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Conservatories are among the most sought-after home upgrades on the market and have the ability to significantly increase your living space in a cost-efficient fashion. However, the financial aspects aren’t the only features where efficiency is high on the agenda. For most modern homeowners, making eco-friendly decisions is equally integral to long-term success. 
So, can adding a conservatory to your Colchester home be considered an environmentally friendly improvement? Let’s take a closer look. 


Conservatories can enhance the home in many ways and can be used for a wide variety of recreational family activities. Furthermore, the actual building work can be relatively eco-friendly too. However, there is one major issue that can be damaging for your pocket as well as the environment: the ongoing heating. 
Glass is a notoriously poor material for insulation, even if you choose double glazing. While the predominantly glass structure can have a hugely positive influence in the summer months, it can be rather problematic throughout the colder winter months as heat will be lost at a rapid rate. 
In previous years, this commonly left homeowners with two options. They could either cut the conservatory off from the rest of the home and lose out on this living space for half of the year, or face paying huge heating bills while also increasing their carbon footprint. As such, conservatories were – traditionally speaking – far from being the most eco-friendly upgrade on the market. 
However, the technology has evolved, and Creative View can help you embrace it for a far better solution. 


While the conservatory may feel like a relatively simple project, there are a range of design aspects that can take the eco-friendly elements to the next level, allowing you to feel far less guilty about your extension. 
Aside from opting for thicker glass panes, you could consider extending the brickwork up to around the 2ft mark. This is a great way to reduce the amount of glass – and lost heat – without losing the natural lighting. 
Perhaps the most significant way to reduce the heat, however, is to choose conservatory roof tools rather than a glass roof structure. Given that heat rises, this will quite literally raise the ceiling regarding the insulation. Other benefits include added lighting control as well as removing the threat of dirt marks being left on the conservatory roof. 
Finding the right balance between creating the perfect living space and making practical choices is central to success for any home project. A conservatory that is built with the right materials will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds to keep you smiling for many years to come. 


When done right, building conservatories can be an eco-friendly upgrade that’s suited to any modern home. However, this is only possible when the right decisions are made throughout the design and building processes. 
Creative View can turn those dreams of a beautiful and efficient conservatory into a reality. Take the first steps by arranging a consultation with our experts today! 
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