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Before making upgrades to your Colchester property, it’s imperative that you check the legalities of the proposed projects. This is especially true when your home is a listed building (what is a listed building – find out here) as it may face stricter regulations than new builds and other property types. One of the big questions, then, is whether you can replace the windows on your listed building. 
After all, upgrading the windows can be one of the most significant home improvements of all, impacting the appearance, insulation, and environmental efficiency in one fell swoop. Here’s all you need to know about proposed changes to this aspect of the property. 


… it is possible to replace the windows of your listed building. Living in a listed building doesn’t prevent you from making the necessary changes to your home, particularly when dealing with crucial features like the windows. However, there is an additional step that you’ll need to complete. 
Unlike properties in conservation areas, listed buildings do not require planning permission for a job such as upgrading the windows. However, owners of listed buildings are obligated to stay true to the property’s historical significance. As such, you will need to gain listed building consent from the local authorities. 
The authorities will commonly weigh up the proposed changes with the historical aesthetics and ideals. Those living in Grade III listed buildings are the most likely to gain acceptance for their building plans while works on Grade I listed buildings are likely to face greater scrutiny. Thankfully, Grade I is probably the least common property type for residence.] 
Therefore, assuming the work is genuinely required, the project should get the green light. 


… that the authorities would rather see you repair the windows than replace them. This is hardly surprising as keeping the existing frames and general aesthetic will allow the property to stay true to its history. Unfortunately, this can be rather frustrating as a homeowner. 
If you plan to replace the windows, Creative View will need to confirm that this is the most suitable solution. Going ahead with the project before gaining the consent is a criminal offence and can be punished with some fairly severe fines. 
Most windows can be restored to their former glory in terms of appearances while modern materials can improve the insulation. In truth, this often a better outcome than replacing the windows anyway. By having an expert check your property during the consent application, you should gain a sense of direction regarding the best route to take. 
Whatever happens, persisting with faulty and unattractive, weary looking windows is never an option. 


The thought of replacing (or even repairing) the windows on a listed building can be quite daunting, but Creative View can help. From guiding you through the consent application process to completing the proposed works in the most efficient fashion, our world class support is priceless to clients throughout Colchester and beyond. 
So, if you need help with the windows on your listing building, or simply require more information about the process ahead, get in touch today. 
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