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Would you know what you need to do if you had to repair double glazed windows? What if your double glazed window is jammed, or you found the double glazing window handle stiff beyond usability? The reality is that while double glazing windows are fantastic for efficiency and noise reduction, there are some common issues that you might find happen from time to time. 
In this guide, we’re going to give you all the detail you need to know on how to solve small problems before they become major headaches, and how to do some basic repairs and troubleshooting. Let’s get started right away with some of the basics – read on to find out more! 


Condensation happens when water vapour makes contact with a cold surface – in this case, your windows. While having double glazing usually reduces your condensation levels in the home, it can sometimes cause problems – occasionally it can become a moisture trap. 
To solve the issue, check where the condensation is gathering. If it’s on the inside pane, it’s likely to mean that the water vapour content of your room is to high for the temperature of the glass in your window. If it’s inside the cavity – there could be a seal problem in your unit. It’s a good idea to call an expert in the case of the latter, and for the former, it’s probably down to a lack of ventilation. 
Try opening a window when you are cooking, cleaning and washing up – it could make a big difference to your condensation levels. 


If you think you have broken the handles, hinges and locks on your double glazing, it’s a good idea to take action – it should certainly not be ignored. Ultimately, if you have damaged hinges that stop the window from closing properly, the likelihood is that you will end up suffering from draughts – almost instantly eliminating the major benefits of having double glazing in the first place. 
Furthermore, stiff or broken window locks are a major security issue that should raise alarms with you as soon as you find out it is an issue. There is a good chance that your home insurance requires your window locks to work properly, so if you do suffer a break in and you have an investigation finding your broken window locks, the claim may be invalidated. For this reason, and your family’s safety, it is important that you fix the problem immediately. 
In either case, it’s probably best to get a professional window repair person to look at your windows and ensure they are fixed properly. You could do this yourself if you have experience – and the tools, of course – but you have to bear in mind that windows are a lot more complex than they seem. 
It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you fool around with your windows, you may invalidate your guarantee. It’s worth speaking to a professional window or glass installer – even if it’s just to get some advice. Ultimately, they will be in the best possible position to give you the right advice. Feel free to contact us if you need help diagnosing the problem with your windows! 
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