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The vast majority of people out there have probably heard the term ‘composite door.’ But what does it actually mean, and what, in fact, are composite doors? In this brief guide, we’re going to take you through everything you need to know about composite doors, and why you should be considering them for your next purchase. Ready to find out more? Let’s get started right away with some of the basics. 


Doors are one of the most important items in your home – they keep people safe inside, and most importantly, keep people out. There is a broad variety of door types on the market these days, and one of the most popular is the composite door. This type of door possess what people in the trade call ‘skins’. Skins are made from glass reinforced plastic – or GRP – which is an incredibly tough and durable material – so strong, in fact, that it’s even used on fishing boats in the choppy North Sea waters. 


GRP skins can be bought in a very vast array of different colours. Those looking for a traditional looking door with traditional colours, can even get moc wood effects – which gives your home a classic look. The other major feature of composite doors is, of course, the main body of the door – called the slab. This is the bit that fits into the outside frame and marks out composite doors as different to any other. 


A composite door slab is usually around 44mm deep, although it is possible to get slabs thicker than this, should you wish. When you bear in mind that a standard PVCu panel door is only 28mm, you can start seeing the benefits of going for a composite alternative. 


You will find they are more sturdy, secure, and much harder for burglars and thieves to break into. In simple terms, composite doors are totally unique in this respect – no other type of door is reinforced in this way. 
Heating efficiency with composite doors 
It’s also worth pointing out that they are able to keep more heat trapped in the home – meaning more efficiency for your heating system. Inside the slab – or the main part of the door – you will find all kinds of different materials, such as wood and insulation. And over the top of the door, there is a weather resistant outer skin. Combine these two brilliant technologies together and you have a door that is less likely to let out heat – or let cold come in – than any other type of door on the market. 


It’s true that there is usually a higher upfront cost for composite doors that other door types on the market. But the reason why they are so popular is simply because they offer such good value. Sure, they cost a little more, but ultimately these doors will help you save money on your heating bills, possibly for decades to come. The element of feeling safe and secure in your home is priceless, too. 
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