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Are Orangeries cold in Winter?

October 22, 2018 | Written By: creativeview | Orangery

Very few of us need convincing of the benefits of adding an orangery to our home. For the uninitiated an orangery is a form of conservatory cum greenhouse in which oranges were traditionally grown, hence the name. Don’t worry, though, if your fingers aren’t in the slightest but green. Today an orangery is not used for the year-round growing of citrus fruit but in the same ways as any other conservatory. It’s a place for enjoying a leisurely breakfast on lazy summer mornings and enjoying a beautiful view of your garden in spring. But surprisingly few of us with orangeries spend as much time in them during the autumn and winter months. One would assume that an orangery would get prohibitively cold in the winter, but this is not necessarily the case.

Follow these tips and you can enjoy a warm, cosy and beautiful orangery all year round…

Declare war on draughts

Nothing sends a shiver down your spine more than an unexpected gust of cold air. One of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to keep your orangery warm and pleasant in the winter months is to clamp down on any draughts that may be creeping in. orangeries have a lot of places through which cold air can seep in so pick up some draught excluders for your doors and check the sealing on doors and windows. Heavy drapes can be used in colder months to seal in heat, keep out draughts and lend you a little extra privacy in the coming darker months.

Orangery in Colchester

Take a close look at your roof

Your roof is a major component in controlling your orangery’s ambient temperature. Heat rises, so your roof is understandably the place through which you will lose the most heat. Thus, if your orangery roof is composed of old-fashioned polycarbonate, it may prove a good investment to replace it with something more energy efficient like A solid or tiled roof with a layer of insulation is a good shout, but if you want your orangerie to remain a sun trap, opt for thermally broken (where the interior and exterior layers are separated by a layer of thermally insulated material) double glazing.

roof lantern

Rethink your flooring

You may be perfectly happy donning a pair of cosy slippers every time you enter your orangery. But if you prefer to walk barefoot (or if your orangery is not actually attached to your house proper) this may not be feasible. Thus, if your orangery gives you the chills in colder months it may be time to rethink your flooring. Simply installing high quality underlay can make a huge difference but if you’re prepared to invest more heavily in a cosy warm orangery, electric or wet underfloor heating will give you delightful warmth underfoot all year round.

The good news is that it’s easier to keep an orangery warm than it is your average conservatory. Since orangeries have a greater ratio of solid material to glass than conservatories, they tend to retain heat more effectively. Employing any of these strategies can help you to enjoy a delightfully warm orangery all year round.

orangery flooring

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