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Creative View are a family business with over 30 Years experience providing home improvements to discerning clients throughout Essex and Suffolk.

We have many hundreds of extremely happy customers for whom we have installed Conservatories in Essex, Orangeries in Colchester, Double Glazing in Clacton and Solid Conservatory Roof replacement throughout Essex.

We also specialise in Driveways and Landscaping throughout Essex and Suffolk as well as Patios, Artificial Grass, Fencing and Wall Building. We have a full array of tradesmen including ground workers, bricklayers, plasterers, electricians and plumbers. We offer a full ‘turnkey price’ for projects of any size from installing a single window to building complete extensions, orangeries or conservatories.

Conservatory Types

There is no one need for all conservatories. One person may choose to install a conservatory that is purely for them to watch television, whereas someone else will envision a conservatory filled with children’s toys to keep them out of the living area. It’s not just function, either, because there are different materials and combinations of those materials that can be put together to suit exactly what you need. It’s all about what you want to achieve with the look and function of your home, and below, you’ll find out a little about each style available to you.

Victorian conservatory


This is one of the most popular conservatory styles, with a bay front, pitched roof and an ornate roof ridge. It has soft lines created by faceted corners, and this design can be a very graceful addition to any home.

Edwardian conservatory


This is very similar to the Victorian classic style of conservatory, though these have a flat front and a rectangular shape to them. It’s the style you choose if you want to maximise space, because the floor shape offers the most for your money. The hipped roof maintains that elegance that you want to achieve in the first place.

mono-pitched conservatory colchester


This style is often referred to as a ‘lean-to’, and can be used when the back wall height of a house is an issue. It can also be chosen because what you want is a simple addition to the home, and you want it to be attractive.



With the right designer, you could create a conservatory that is a combination of more than one style. Perhaps you want the ornate roof of a Victorian conservatory along with the space of the Edwardian. Creating a bespoke conservatory can often be the answer to your design worries.



A balanced mix of the lean-to and Victorian or Edwardian styles, this then creates a ‘P’ shaped conservatory which are fairly large and are a great solution to a larger living space.

gable conservatory


A gable conservatory is characterised by the way that the roof looks. The roof itself doesn’t slope back toward the centre, but maintains height by staying upright.

What to think about

Is it for a garden room, for pets or to grow plants?

Any of these options can mean that a very basic conservatory that can be accessed from the side of the house will do.

Is it going to be used as a sunroom?

Do you know that most people want to use a conservatory for the warmer, sunshine-filled days? This allows them to soak up the sun without having to sit outside where there could be bugs! You won’t need anything too complicated here, in terms of design, but you will need to consider temperature control.

Is it going to extend your living space year-round?

Whether you are trying to create a new dining room, a second living space or a playroom, you’ll need to consider the shape of the design that you want versus the rest of your house, the interior features and the cost of integrating an entirely new room into your home.

Is it going to have a ‘wow’ factor?

You don’t have to go for a simple box conservatory if you don’t want to. There are designs such as the Edwardian conservatory, mono-pitched conservatory, Victorian conservatory and solid roof conservatories. There’s a big need to think about cost when it comes to a wow factor for your conservatory; orangeries can be really impressive, but they often have an impressive price tag.

Want to be inspired by our previous work?

solid roof conservatories colchester

Solid Roof Conservatories in Colchester & Clacton

As the name might suggest our COSY Roof 365 is designed in order that you can use your conservatory or glazed extension 365 days of the year. This super-insulated solid conservatory roof system can be used either as a replacement for traditional conservatories or as part of a complete new build.


Thermally efficient helping to reduce heating bills

Creates a beautiful vaulted plastered ceiling inside

Finished with stunning lightweight tiling

Glazed panels can be inserted to help flood light into your room

Building approval – JHAI approved roofing system

10 year manufacturers guarantee


Discover The Exclusive Urban Room

This revolutionary roofing system puts warmth and light at the heart of your crossover orangery/conservatory design. Guaranteed for ten years, the market’s strongest glazed roof allows the light to flood your new room all year round.

The strong thermally insulated ridge at the centre of every URBANroom design reduces the need for multiple bars to maximise the amount of glass, creating the perfect living space whether you’re entertaining, relaxing with your family, or having a cosy night in.

The URBANroom is an orangery/conservatory crossover which offers all the benefits of an orangery design but closer to a conservatory budget.


Conservatories FAQ


In most circumstances conservatories are regarded as ‘Permitted Development’. Under normal planning rules, the building can cover the full back wall of your house and project up to 4 metres on a detached house or 3 metres on a semi-detached. We have created an article about planning permission, and this may help you iron out some of the unknowns.

Do you need building regulations?

Conservatories have been traditionally exempt from building regulations as they are regarded as ‘non-habitable rooms. Today’s buildings, however, can be built with more brickwork and solid roofs and often require building control. The government have a great website that can provide you with more information,


A conservatory comes with many benefits, and we’ve listed those for you below:

  • Additional living space – from the playroom to the dining room, you get more floor space for your family.
  • Increased home value – you need to offer something a little different if you want to sell your home, and a conservatory instantly increases your house value.
  • A relaxing environment – you can take yourself away from the busy household and sit and be calm; especially when listening to the rain on the roof.
  • A huge variety – there is more than one option for your conservatory, and you can have the choice of how you build yours.

Whether you go for a pre-designed option or a bespoke one, you are in control.

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