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When you hear a contractor talk about double glazed windows, it probably seems like they are all the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here, at Creative View Clacton, we are happy to provide the perfect double glazing window for you to match the style and aesthetic for your home. 
We know that windows are a crucial part of your home and can add stunning curb appeal if they are designed the right way. We’ll help you find the perfect fit for your home without sacrificing the practical benefits that double glass windows provide. 
There are plenty of styles to choose from as well like Bay or Bow windows, providing two vastly different exterior designs. While bay windows jut into the interior of the room with three openings, bow windows provide four or five and feel more Victorian. Both are popular choices. 
Or, you can choose a double glazing window that provides a more practical solution with tilt and turn windows available. 
Tilt and turn windows are the perfect design choice to provide complete control over air ventilation and a secure solution that opens in a variety of ways. 
Ranging from our entry-level white ‘A’ energy rated PVC-u casement products through to specialist, timber alternative, flush sash and vertical sliding windows which really do need to be seen to be appreciated. Our Bygone range of sash box windows, as well as Evolution Flush and Storm casement windows truly are the best in class and the ‘go to’ products for discerning customers who set quality and aesthetics as their main criteria when window shopping. 
A few years ago the colour of PVC-u and aluminium windows was very limited, today however we can offer a virtually unlimited colour range. You can choose virtually any colour you wish, if it isn’t a standard colour we can have them sprayed to your chosen colour using an extremely hard wearing colour bonding process. 


Windows come in a range of different glazing designs from single to double or even triple! But which is right for your needs? At Creative View Clacton, we are happy to help you make this choice with single often being the cheapest option that provides the least benefits. 
Double glazing windows are available on all types of designs including beautiful french windows perfect for your home.  
Keeping your home warm and quiet, reducing levels of noise pollution significantly, this will provide the best value for money and fit the budget of most buyers. 
Triple glazing is useful for homes in the center of the city for complete silence indoors and an unbeatable level of insulation for a higher price. Available on certain products, make sure you do enquire about this if you’re bothered by the noise from the area around your home. 


The Bygone Collection of box sash windows, Symphony, Harmony & Melody are without question the best quality and most architecturally correct PVC-u sash windows available on the market today. 


Evolution is an exclusive brand of PVC-u hand crafted flush and storm sash windows. Creative View are the ‘Exclusive Partner’ for this prestigious product in North Essex, we have the full range on display at our Alresford showroom. 


RÄUM aluminium windows are sleek, strong and extremely energy efficient. Aluminium is often the material of choice by architects when designing contemporary new builds or renovations. See them on display at our Alresford showroom. 


Double Glazed Windows were first invented in America by C D Haven in 1930. Double Glazed Windows have 2 panes of glass that are separated by air. Double Glazed Windows have lots of benefits that out way single glazed windows. 
Keeping the warm air in means that your home will be kept warmer in the colder months ensuring that you have cheaper heating bills when you need the heat the most. 
If you live on a busy street or next to a busy road, Double Glazed Windows ensure that the noise is kept out when you don’t want to hear it. With a wide range of selection, Creative View Clacton can offer you double glazed windows bespoke to your home. Pop into our showroom in Colchester or Clacton to discuss your needs. 


The original sash window with lead weights to counterbalance the weight of the sliding sash became popular the start of the Georgian period around 1714. 
The ‘Georgian bars’ were used to create smaller panes of glass due to the limitation of glass manufacturing at the time. The concept of the vertical sliding sash was designed originally to stop windows opening out onto narrow streets only later were they used in much grander buildings. For many years the PVC-u window industry has tried to replicate original timber sash windows but with limited success. 
One company however leads the way and has invested heavily over many years to produce what is without question the most architecturally correct, aesthetically pleasing and highest quality PVC-u box sash window on the market. 
The ‘Bygone Collection’ boasts a host of features which make it almost indiscernible from an original timber window. It has an ultra-slim mid-rail, deep bottom rail, run through sash horns, slim 18mm sealed units, traditional butt joints and a range of authentic furniture which is unsurpassed. The Bygone collection of box sash windows together with several other more cost-effective options can be seen at our new Alresford showroom just outside Colcheste 


A casement window comes in two basic options, either a storm sash or flush sash. The storm sash is the type normally fitted in most houses from sometime around the 1950’s. 
This window design was developed, as the name would suggest, to provide storm proofing by overlapping the outside sash (opener) onto the window frame which helped avoid rain and wind ingress. 
Prior to this most windows had a flush sash which was much less efficient in terms of weather proofing. Recent developments in PVC-u window systems has seen the reintroduction of the sash window using modern materials and manufacturing techniques which not only produces a flush sash window which performs well in all weathers but aesthetically replicates traditional styles. 
Whilst PVC-u windows in the past were all very similar in terms of aesthetics and quality, the manufacturing techniques now used to produce some storm and flush sash windows means the quality and aesthetics can vary dramatically. 
Some systems are still mass produced with welded corners, transoms and mullions where others are virtually fully hand made much the same way a carpenter would have done in days gone by. You can see a full range of both styles on display at our new Alresford showroom just outside Colchester. 


Our various window ranges are available in a vast range of colours. Whether your looking to match a particular colour or you are just looking for something a little bit different. We can match any particular paint or RAL colour with our extremely robust Colour Bond system which comes with a 10 year colour fast guarantee. Visit our Alresford showroom to see our range of windows. 


We supply and install probably the largest range of wood effect PVC-u windows on the market. The wood effect is created using a vinyl foil which is applied at the point of the extrusion of the PVC-u. This process has been used for over 30 years and has been proven to stand the test of time. All of our foiled windows come with a comprehensive, 10 year guarantee, the foils have a colour fast lifespan of over 35 years. 


You might be curious about whether your property requires brand new windows. Remember the right windows, don’t just provide an aesthetic advantage. They can keep your home wonderfully warm, particularly through the winter months. When the temperatures drop low in Colchester, you’ll discover just how important great windows can be for your home. 
Some of the signs that you need to replace your windows include damp patches around the interior wall close to the window. This does suggest a problem with insulation and can start to cause serious issues in a property. You might also discover that there are wet markings on the windows that won’t wipe off no matter how hard you try. That’s because these wet markings are between the panes of glass and point to damage to the seal in your window frame. 
Move your hand around inside your window. Do you feel a slight breeze of cold air? This is a clear sign that your window glazing is not providing the insulative benefit that it should. You’re certainly going to notice this during the coldest months of the year. That’s why it’s best to get your windows checked in autumn and make sure that they will keep your rooms cosy and warm. 
Have you noticed an issue with your windows? Get in touch today, and we will be happy to assist you in the repair or replacement solution that you need for your home. Don’t suffer in a freezing cold room when the solution is so simple. 



Most house burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves who are looking for a quick and easy way to break into your home. All of our window systems have the option to be ‘Secured By Design’ which means the are Police approved against attack by potential burglars. 


We supply and install a vast range of windows with various energy ratings. Typically all double glazed window installations carry an ‘A’ + rating to ensure your home is comfortable and you can make savings on your energy bills. We also offer triple glazing with certain products. 


Today we are spoiled for choice when it comes to replacement windows. Over the past few years window suppliers have invested heavily to produce PVC-u window systems which replicate traditional timber windows as well as much more contemporary options. 
Are you looking for the best high-quality windows in Clacton & Colchester? We work with the top window suppliers to make sure that the windows we install meet the high standards that our customers expect and can trust. All the windows we supply are meticulously crafted with bespoke designs that will look stunning. 
We guarantee the windows we install for your home will look incredible and last for decades. Highly durable and built to withstand the worst of the weather, these windows will endure over time and look brand new with little to no maintenance. 
We offer the best windows from suppliers and producers such as Eurocell.As well as having innovative, attractive designs, these windows reach the highest level of energy efficiency that is available on the UK market. If you want the windows that will keep your costs down all year around, then you need the Eurocell windows we offer. The UPVC thermal inserts and a six chamber outer frame ensure a design that reaches beyond an A+ grade for energy saving. 
Beyond saving energy, the windows are designed to a high level of sustainability. We can create and supply windows for your home that are completely recyclable, keeping your home great and green with modern designs and a high environmental performance standard that you won’t find from other window providers in Colchester & Clacton. 



A double glazed window is a window that has 2 or 3 panes of glass that are separated by a vacuum or gas filled space. This is to help reduce heat transfer from the inside to the outside. 


At Creative View Clacton, we offer a bespoke quote that is unique to you. We factor in all the planning, development, installation and after care of the windows. Contact a specialist today to see how we can help you. 


At Creative View Clacton, we have a specialist team of trained craftsmen that will come and install your windows. Our professional window fitters are highly skilled and very professional ensuring that you get a 5* service. 
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