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Colchester is a unique part of southeast England. Known for its castles and medieval beauty it’s one of the most wonderful cities to take a break in or even call your own home. As more and more people move into Colchester, they find that some of the houses up for sale are very traditional and don’t come with some of the latest amenities such as a conservatory. 
Conservatories are an essential part of life here in Colchester now. By mixing the safety and security of your home with a large outdoor garden full of nature and wildlife, you can create a room which gets plenty of sunlight, gives you extra space and can fill a variety of different purposes! 


There are many different types of conservatory that you’ll see here in Colchester. Luckily, we specialize in all of them and we’d be more than willing to help you pick based on your needs or preferences. 
For instance, the classic Victorian conservatory uses a ridged roof that matches the colour and design of your existing roof. It often utilizes a multi-faceted end wall to create a curved effect. There’s also the Edwardian conservatory, a variety that is similar to the Victorian conservatory but uses glassed roof panels instead and a rectangular base. 
We also specialize in Lean-to conservatories, often known as Mediterranean conservatories or sunrooms due to how they build off your existing walls and have slanted roof panels that aim to direct the sun into the conservatory. You can also choose to create an orangery instead, a classic conservatory style that uses a parapet wall and solid corner constructions to make it feel more like an extension to the home. 
With so many to pick from, it’s easy to get lost in the choices you have. Thankfully, our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you can give you advice on what conservatories you should consider for your Colchester property. 


We’re able to plan and build your conservatory from scratch. Simply contact us with your ideas and we’ll be more than happy to attend your property for a consultation and start putting your ideas on to paper. Even if you’re unsure what you want, letting us know what your aim for the conservatory is can go a long way. 
We’re also able to deconstruct and remove existing conservatories if you’d like a change of styles or want a complete conservatory renovation. Sometimes, our clients want to change their simple conservatory into an orangery to make it feel more like an extension, or they want to get rid of the tiled roof in exchange for glass panels to let in more light. 
No matter what your needs are, we’re able to meet them to a high standard thanks to our expertise and experience. So if you’re ever in need of a conservatory renovation or would like to start planning one, give us a call today and get in touch with one of our representatives. 
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