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The stately orangery is more than just a great place to spend time with the whole family. Let’s be honest, it’s also something of a status symbol. Since their introduction in Europe (initially in Italy then spreading to the Netherlands and eventually the UK) in the 17th century they have been an elegant symbol of wealth and status. While you may not be quite so interested in society peacocking as our 17th century forebears, there’s no denying that an orangery looks fantastic and can add real value to your home. 
But what goes into the building of one of these chic and opulent constructions? Well, there’s a surprising amount of technology that goes into the modern orangery. At Creative View Clacton, we’ve spent years mastering the subtle art of constructing these stately additions to homes throughout the area. If you’d like to make this fine addition to your home, let’s take a look at the craft that goes into creating an orangery. As you’ll no doubt guess, it’s an elaborate process that’s best left to the professionals… 


Needless to say, an orangery cannot just be propped up on the side of your home. It all begins with a comprehensive design process using state of the art 3D modelling software. This helps our clients to see what their orangery will look like while allowing them to completely customise it to their preferences. Planning permission is sought where appropriate and a structural engineer must inspect the proposed adjoining wall. Brickwork and other materials are matched to your home’s existing aesthetic to make your orangery look like a perfect fit rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s a long and laborious process but it all adds up to make the orangery of your dreams a workable reality. This stage alone can be costly, time consuming and complicated when you attempt to do this on your own. 


The flooring of your orangery plays a huge part in the room’s effect as well as how warm and cosy it will feel even in colder months. For greater flow you can match the flooring to that of your interior, although we recommend installing high quality underlay beneath or even underfloor heating to ensure that your orangery will stay as warm as possible all year round. 


Coming into your orangery should be a thrill every time and the right doors can play a huge part in this. If your tastes veer toward the classical, French doors cannot be beaten while bi-fold doors can lend your orangery a contemporary twist. 


Since windows play a huge part in the design of an orangery it’s important to choose the best quality windows. To keep your orangery warm you’ll want to use thermally broken windows which use a layer of thermally insulated material between the inner and outer layers to keep your orangery cool in summer and warm in winter. 
As you can see, a whole lot goes into designing and building the perfect orangery for you. Come join us at Creative View Clacton and we’ll be delighted to show you how our experienced and friendly staff can help you to build the orangery of your dreams. 
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