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When building an extension to your home such as a conservatory you’ll often need to pick some type of roof to go on the extension. In most cases, a roof lantern is an excellent choice that will allow ample sunlight into your extension and provide an excellent look to the overall project. In this article, we’re going to talk about roof lanterns by explaining what they are and the advantages they give, as well as a brief history of them. 


Despite the name, it’s not a light fixture that hangs from your roof. Instead, it’s a window or covered glass opening that is installed in the roof of your conservatory or extension that provides natural light. In some areas, roof lanterns are referred to as skylights. 
Their purpose is simple; to allow as much natural light into the room as possible. For this reason, they’re often slanted and angled towards light sources. This means that, when used in conjunction with tall windows, light can flow into your room no matter the position of the sun, providing plenty of functional and aesthetic benefits. 


Roof lanterns were developed first in the Middle Ages. They were made of masonry and glass and were typically used in renaissance architecture such as cathedrals. In European countries, roof lanterns were used in orangeries which were an early form of the conservatory. 
They were extensions to homes that were built with tall windows and glazed roof sections for wintering citrus trees, hence the name orangery. They were also used for other plants in non-temperate climates and were popular among the middle and upper classes. 


Here are some of the most common advantages of a roof lantern: 
Reduce energy bills by having a living space that relies less on artificial lighting and takes advantage of the sun 
Allow more natural sunlight to fill the room for decorative or aesthetic purposes 
Brighter rooms will also feel more spacious than darker rooms without a roof lantern 
If you prefer not to use large windows for privacy purposes, then roof lanterns can brighten up your room without reducing privacy 
Roof lanterns can also be opened to allow easy access for roof maintenance if required 
Opening roof lanterns are also great for ventilation because warm air rises. Opening your roof lantern will quickly release the warm air in the room and bring down the overall temperature. 
Roof lanterns are typically installed when an extension or conservatory is built. This is because they’re separate rooms in your home which will have full access to the sun as it rises and passes overhead. You can also install roof lanterns to rooms such as a loft or any place that is exposed to sunlight, but you’ll typically only see them installed on extensions and conservatories. Roof lanterns are an effective home improvement that can add a lot of value to your home, and we’d wholly recommend installing one on your existing home extensions or a future conservatory build. 
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